Random Questions About My Church

Perhaps its the meds that I’m on to get over this cold, which have been anecdotally implicated in causing mood swings in people, but I’m pretty down on my church right now (most of which probably has less to do with my church and more to do with it being part of the larger subcategory of evangelicalism). In no particular order, here are my current gripes:

  • Can I continue to be a member of my church when I question one of its articles of faith (inerrancy) and absolutely reject another (punishment of non-believers)?
  • Can liberals and conservatives actually worship together in the same church? During a contentious election? Really?
  • Not that I haven’t said this before, but I am really bothered by the way we do communion.
  • I basically live in weekly fear that people will find out what I really believe about God. How generous is my church’s orthodoxy? And if I ask that question, do I risk getting tossed out on my ear?
  • I would really like some liturgy. Please? And a few hymns as well. I think I’m the only one.

I think it’s probably just the meds.