It Is What It Is

A brief follow-up to my post from last week.

Today during my somewhat-daily prayer liturgy/meditation, I continued to grapple with the big questions I brought up a few days back. Why is there so much evil, death, and pain in the world when I have been shown that there is a great love beneath everything, a Love that I call God?

And I became convinced during my time of silence that the question itself makes no sense.

There is no why. There is only what is. And what is contains both the reality of pain, suffering, evil and death; and the reality of a Great Love which is bringing healing and wholeness to all things.

It feels like a cop out, and yet that is the truth that I felt today.

We are given a choice every day. We can either live in the misery and suffering of a world that is irreparably broken, or in the acceptance and hope of a world that is because it is, but one that also is being made new each and every day in ways we cannot ever understand.

Today, I can choose hope. Maybe I won’t be able to do that tomorrow, but I can do that for today.